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Beauty inspires confidence; confidence inspires positivity.
The Lash Sanctuary is the hub for women of all walks of life and ages; they are beauty conscious and willing to enhance their looks. The Lash Sanctuary specializes in individual eyelash extensions where clients get personalized one-on-one attention and are made to feel like a super star! Everyone's lashes are uniquely different; therefore,

The Lash Sanctuary customizes every individual's lashes to best suit their needs and lifestyle. We pride ourselves in selecting the appropriate length and weight for your natural lashes to support healthy lashes long-term. We believe in quality over quantity. We take our time to ensure each eyelash extension is properly applied to yield the best results. Our client's health and happiness is our top priority. At The lash Sanctuary we will give you eyelashes that no amount of curling, mascara, or strip lashes could ever achieve, yet they are undetectable and feel weightless. Our lashes stay on 24/7 and even through workouts, and swimming. They are soft and made with the highest quality of synthetic mink, and non-damaging...to say the least they are just simply divine!
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About the Owner

Dani is the owner of The Lash Sanctuary LLC. Born with an artistic soul and a creative mind she started her career in the entertainment industry as a singer and songwriter with more than 20 years in the business. Dani transitioned from the entertainment industry to the beauty industry and is a firm believer that there's an inner voice within all of us that guides us through life’s journey. It was through that inner voice Dani discovered a passion she didn’t even know existed.

Dani never thought she would find another passion for anything outside of music, but she did! Dani found a love and passion for eyelash extensions! Discovering this passion prompted her to take a big leap of faith. Dani went on to earn a master cosmetology license in multiple states. After her training and working for other lash studios in the industry she listened to that inner voice again and branched out on her own. At The Lash Sanctuary LLC, she provides exceptional service and customized looks for her clients. She doesn’t stop with average but rather extraordinary and makes it her goal to ensure you are thrilled with your enhanced look. Ultimately, her mission is to provide excellent service so that clients will look and feel amazing! Her cheerful personality and calm demeanor help her customers relax while giving them an unforgettable lash experience. Simply put, she applies confidence to their eyelids. Her reward is in the faces and expressions of gratitude she receives, as she continues to stun clients with an amazing lash styling experience.
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